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Dietes bicolor (seeds)

Dietes bicolor variously known as African iris or Fortnight lily.


Dietes bicolor is a perennial rhizomatous plant, with long leaves like swords, and pale green color. The flowers are creamy yellowish-white with three purple spots surrounded by orange outline, and they last a day. However the flowering is too rich that the plant looks always blooming. Knows as, African iris blooms from spring until autumn, and in warm areas occasionally in winter.

It is very versatile plant and requires minimal maintenance.

Species ID

Dietes bicolor

Plant Characteristics

Flowering Period:
  • April
  • November
  • September
up to 1m


Soil Type:
Fertile , humus , well drained
Light Requirements:
Full Sun- Semi-Shade
Water Requirements:
Moderate to High
Dry-heat resistant
USDA Zones:
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 8
  • 9
  • Ornamental