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Cineraria maritima (seeds)

Cineraria maritima is a synonym for Jacobaea maritima , also commonly known as Senecio ci...

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Cineraria maritima is a synonym for Jacobaea maritima, also commonly known as Senecio cineraria, a plant species which originates from the Mediterranean. It also called silver ragwort.

It is native to the western and central Mediterranean region.

Perennial evergreen shrub up to 70 cm.

Leaves silverish, multifarious, plush.

Flowers yellow.

Cineraria maritima blooms in summer.

It is resistant to air pollution.

Tolerates drought.

It prefers light, medium composition well drained soil and sunny or semi-shaded positions.

Also suitable for coastal areas.

Plant compact, perfect for borders, but also for rock gardens or flower pot.

It also gives beautiful cut flowers , also suitable for dried cut flowers.

Species ID

Cineraria maritima
Senecio cineraria Senecio bicolour Senecio bicolour subsp. cineraria Senecio candicans

Plant Characteristics

Circle of Life:
Plant Type:
  • Shrub
Flowering Period:
  • August
  • July


Soil Type:
Light , Fertile, Well drained
Soil Acidity:
Light Requirements:
Full Sun- Semi-Shade
Water Requirements:
Resistant to sea winds
  • Ornamental
  • Rock-Garden