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Carissa macrocarpa (seeds)

the Natal plum


Carissa macrocarpa originates from South Africa. 
It is commonly called Natal plum.
Evergreen barbed tillage
Carissa macrocarpa has leaves oval, glossy, deep green, thick.
White aromatic flowers with more intense aroma at night

  • Flowers from Spring to Autumn.
  • Prefers warm, moist parts, sunny or semi-shaded (light performs better).
  • Resists salinity and thunderous winds
  • Withstands the drought.

The fruits are edible and consumed raw or in jams,
It is a good choice for seaside locations.
As ornamental is the perfect plant for fences.
Apart from the fruits that are edible, all other parts of the plant are poisonous.

Species ID

Carissa macrocarpa
Common Names:
Natal plum