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Bauhinia divaricata Purpurea (seeds)

Pom-Pom Orchidtree


Pom-Pom Orchidtree is evergreen shrub that reaches 3 m height

Flowers of white and purple (appear in white at the beginning and then converted to violet in the lower half).

They appear in successive flowering waves from mid-summer to early autumn.

They are rich in nectars and attract butterflies but are also bee-eaters.

It is a widespread species in India / South America / Jamaica / South Florida / South Australia and China.

In pot grows quickly and forms an umbrella.

It prefers sunny locations and often watering.

Older plants can withstand temperatures up to 1 ° C.

The tree of the orchid has medicinal properties.

Leaves, flower buds, flowers and young seed are cooked and eaten as vegetables.

Finally the orchid tree is also cultivated as a decorative plant.

Species ID

Bauhinia divaricata
Bauhinia divaricata Purpurea