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Dracunculus vulgaris (seeds)

Dracunculus vulgaris the Black Arum

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Dracunculus vulgaris with common names like common dracunculus, dragon arum, the black arum, the voodoo lily, the snake lily, the stink lily, is a perennial herbaceous plant with an impressive flower in size, color and shape .

Dragon arum is endemic to the Eastern Mediterranean, especially Greece and eastern Turkey.

The flowers of D. vulgaris emit an intense unpleasant smell (remiding corspe smell) to attract pollinating insects. This unpleasant smell lasts 1 or2 days. Dragon arum ‘s flowers are thermogenic , which means they can increase their temperature above ambient temperature in order to disperse into the atmosphere the fragrance.

The plant can withstand low temperatures up to – 20oC

It is toxic to humans and animals.

All parts of the plant (leaves, flowers, root) is poisonous.

It is considered though, a medicinal plant.

because of the unpleasant smell of the flower, Black arum should be planted in a secluded spot in the garden as an ornamental.

D. vulgaris can be propagated both by seeds and tubers.

Species ID

Dracunculus vulgaris

Plant Characteristics

Circle of Life:
Plant Type:
  • Bushwood
Smelly flowers


Soil Type:
Fertile , humus , well drained
Soil Acidity:
Acidic – Neutral - Basic
Light Requirements:
Water Requirements:
Moderate to High
  • Ornamental