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Malva sylvestris (seeds)

Common mallow


Malva sylvestris is known commonly as common mallow, cheeses, high mallow and tall mallow (mauve des bois by the French)

It is a perennial or short-lived perennial semi-evergreen plant reaching 1.2 m.
Leaves green paleoptera
Pink flowers flowing from the Stem of the plant.
Malva sylvestris blooms throughout the spring until mid-summer.

  • It grows in many types of soil without particular care.
  • It prefers sunny places.

Common mallow is considered a Medicinal plant  and being used in traditional medicine.

Roots, leaves and flowers are used as herbs.
Tender shoots and young leaves are edible raw or enlarged in salads or cakes
Fresh seeds are eaten raw.
The flowers are added to salads or garnishes in gourmet dishes.
Common mallow is also considered a bee-keeping plant (Bees collect nectar - not pollen).

Species ID

Malva sylvestris