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Borago officinalis (seeds)

Medicinal Borage

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Borago officinalis: medicinal borage, borage, Cool-tankard, Tailwort, angouritsa

It comes from the Mediterranean countries.

Borage is annual plant that reaches a height of 1 m.

It has leaves simple, 5-15 cm long.

The whole plant is covered with hairs.

Flowers blue and some pink. Large inflorescences.

It blooms from spring onwards and for a long time.

It can be grown in poor soils or very alkaline, but well drained .It can withstand in pH 4.8 - 8.3.

It prefers full sun but can grow in shade or very shady places.

Borage is drought-resistant plant.

Borago officinalis is used in cooking. It can be eaten raw in salads with other vegetables (it has cucumber flavor) or cooked.

The flowers are edible.


From its spores can be produced essential oil used for medicinal purposes.


Also used as a herb in traditional medicine.

Plant Characteristics

Plant Type:
  • Bushwood


Soil Acidity:
Light Requirements:
Full Sun- Semi-Shade
Water Requirements:
Moderate to High
Withstands in poor and dry soils
  • Edible
  • Essential Oil
  • Herb
  • Medicinal
  • Therapeutic
  • Traditional Medicine
  • Vegetable