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Anvil Ergonomic Pruner with Curved Blade LOWE 8.107 [CLONE]

Ergonomic Pruner with Curved Blade For best Results in pruning.

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Anvil technology with bypass geometry - the best of both worlds

Combines the advantages of anvil pruning shears with those of bypass pruners, as with the L?WE 7.

The combination of its robust construction and the narrow, pointed

shape makes the L?WE 8 an all-round talent, especially for fruit growing and viticulture.

Advantages of anvil technology:

  • Very easy cutting
  • very robust and ideal for harder woods
  • Low-cost maintenance

Advantages of bypass geometry:

  • Ideally suited to cutting branches in tight locations
  • Prevents the material from slipping out
  • Allows cutting close to the centre of rotation