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Useful information on the cultivation of Cichorium spinosum

by Αδάμ Χαχλάκης

Cichorium spinosum

Native plant of Crete, which is found both in seaside areas (even by the sea) and at high altitudes, over 1000 meters in the mountains of the island (White Mountains, Psiloritis, Lassithi Mountains).

It is a plant, particularly resistant to low temperatures and snow.

It is relatively easy to cultivate. It can be cultivated, in a wide variety of soils and very barren. It will, however, give satisfactory yields in medium consistency well drained rich in organic substance, irrigation soils.

More than 20,000 plants can be planted in distances

  • 20-25 x 20-25 cm

It is better way , to install the crop with seedlings for uniform and properly growing plant growth. Direct sowing of the seed in the field can be done with a seed drill (for given distances).

Sowing by hand, given that:

1. The seed is in the carp in numbers of more than one (up to 5)

2. The seed is very difficult to separate from the carp.

3. The germination rate of the seed shall not exceed 60%

It will give a great deal of inconsistency in the density of the plants, with corresponding effects on the quality and quantity of the quantity produced (plant competition, diseases, etc.).

Stamangkathi (Cichorium spinosum) is a plant perennial but the duration of a plantation is estimated at 3 years, after which the crop must be replaced because the quality is deteriorating and the yields are very low.

After the first planting of the seedlings on the ground and the growth of the plants to the desired size (usually after 2-2.5 months, depending on the planting season and the cultivation care), the first harvest will take place and 2-3 more until the end of Spring, when the plants begin to show the thorn-stem from the center of the plant and begin the flowering period, which will take 2-3 months (depending on the area).

After harvest, it is washed with cold water to remove the temperature of the field and remove foreign matter (soil etc.). It is then thoroughly cleaned (work with many workers), packaged and placed at a maintenance temperature of about 3-5oC. keeping it in these conditions does not exceed 6-7 days from the day of cutting.

In August or September, with the removal of the overhead part of the plants (there will be a hard pile root from which many new seedlings will grow), a new production period will begin.

Stamangatti exhibits great resistance to soil salinity.

The biggest problem in a stubble cultivation is the growing weeds that need to be treated with carvings and spears.

It is relatively easy to produce over 2,000 pounds per acre.

It is also easy to cultivate organically (production does not differ between conventional and organic farming both qualitatively and quantitatively because it is not a particularly demanding plant).

It is particularly rich in antioxidant polyphenols and Ω-3 fatty acids.

It contains vitamins C and E, β-carotene and glutathione, as well as trace elements such as iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and magnesium.

It is eaten as a salad (raw or boiled) and cooked with meat, it can be pickled or caught for a long time after it has become hot.

Note: The above technique refers to professional cultivation. In its natural environment, the plant of the stump after the creation of the crooked head flower at the end of its first biological cycle, the new plants in the following years, appear on the thorn, from where they are collected . This process is very painful and time consuming, but these plants are of superior nutritional value.


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